For this final project we were given the opportunity to continue our last video project the voice, or start again and create something completely new. We will also create a formal proposal explaining our idea and the content of the video.

I want to develop my last video project, the voice, as I feel it still has lots of potential to become a better peice to carry my message, which is all about showing how this world is full of minipulation and lies. 

I started off by assessing my previous video project that I will be developing, the voice and looked at the feedback I got given. I then began to form an idea based on this. 

My idea involves what I can only describe as a “fake documentary” this  will be done by interviewing one person and asking basic questions like what did you dream last night? The u happy ?.  The answers to these will be scripted. I will create answers that are basic and what most people may answer these type of questions.
 I will then have a second set of guest ions, but this time they will be very deep and personal, this will be unscripted. The interviewee will also not know about this part and hopfully not know how to respond and give away the fact that the first set were scripted, making the viewer understand they cant believe what they see.  My next step will now be to create the questions and answers and to start filming. 

Scripted questions and answers 

Unscripted questions (the interviewee will not know about) 


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