At first we collected our contact sheets from the driers, we then cut them up and asked to place them under a contact sheet glass. What we are doing next is the first stage of fully developing film into a full size picture 

This is the first example of our contact sheet. As you can see it’s clearly too washed out (over exposed) this means we must try again so we can see at least some of the pictures we want to enlarge and develop. 

This was much more successful, and taught me that with these types of developing it takes time and effort. What we also noticed is how blury they are, to change this we need to change the settings on the enlarger. 

Oncewe were happy with the settings we then moved on to selecting a picture and enlarging, from there we will experiment more with how long to expose the contact sheets for. 

As you can see we found it very difficult to get the timing right. 


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