We began to design some posters and leaflets to promote our upcoming event . We came up with these two ideas 

Both drawn and inspired by posters promoting events from gallery’s in the past, we couldn’t decide which was better and chose to combine them. This was the outcome:

We also designed some leaflets which could be handed to people personally while the posters would Adventist in a popular public area such as the train station and mall. 

We printed roughly 30 leaflets, 3 -3 posters and 5 a4 posters. We found printing difficult as we couldn’t get rid of the white boarder surrounding the posters. It took us a while to get the poster exacly how we wanted

This made our work look very unprofessional and we felt this is a very important part of planning the exibit ion process as it allows us practice producing professional work in photography.

Finally we produced our finnished product. We then went into class the same week to discuss what we had produced. However, our tutor felt there was room for improvement. He felt we could include a picture of one of our art peices, and was not keen on the home made feel we  gave through using paint as a background. This was devistating to hear but we had to comply.  We started again and began to produce another range of poster ideas.

With some slight editing we had chose our final peice that we as a group and our tutor were very pleased with.

I now look forward to putting these up and spreading around Luton. 


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