Following our first meeting, and discussing the objectives we need to achieve, we moved onto calling venues we were interested in and gathering as much information as possible to determine if it was a suitable place for us to execute our exhibition. This was the list of places we chose to get in contact with    

Once contacting the venues we liked we decided which had the biggest space for all our work, which had the easiest public access, lighting and provided the vital equipment we needed like plug sockets. The venues we narrowed down to then visit and have a better look at were :

  1. The hat factory : the gallery 
  2. The mall (staircase) 
  3. The market 
  4. Bear club 

 we then visited them and took pictures and analysed over all which we preferred, considering things like price and overal conviniency. These were some of the pictures from two of the nominated venues. 

The market space 

Advantages :

  • Cheap 
  • In town centre (the mall) so public can access easy 
  • Open space 


  • Space too small 
  • Spread out on 3 seperate spaces so may be confusing for public 
  • Unprofessional and old 

 The mall 


  • Easy access to public (unavoidable as this is access to the mall so easy publicity )
  • Interesting and different space 
  • White walls 


  • Awkward space to project video work
  • Too much decoration (the ‘M’ and ‘G’) 


The hat factory 


  • Big open space 
  • Simple layout 
  • Affordable 
  • Professional 
  • Easy access for public 
  • Drinking and food license 


  • None obvious 


From these images and information gathered , as a group we easily decided the hat factory was the best option. We were very and excited to proceed to call and confirm our booking with the hat factory. We payed down our deposit (roughly 60% of the full payment), however we got a phone call the next day exposing there had been a booking error, and two events had overlapped. Therefore we were not able to have the full 5 days we had originally planned. This was a massive disappointment and could potentially effect our grade, but because we had paid the deposit we had to continue. This means we only have in total 3 days for our exibiion 


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