In our first skill sets we were going to be learning how to prepare, take and develop film photography.

We started by being shown how to prepare the camera . This involved setting the IOS setting to 400, and putting the film into the camera. After this we moved onto taking the images. We were given some help sheets that exaplained all the best shutter speeds and appature setting for different environments.  For example a fast mooving object would need around a 1/1000 shutter speed and this would have to match with a apature setting depending on the lighting and depth of feild requirements.

We then were given a brief with the subject of “identity” and told to use up the film (24 shots). We were given 40 minutes.
During he shoot I found the apature and shitter speed setting difficult to match. I found it hard to predict what would be the best two to Match with the lighting. We used a couple shots on auto and most on manual, experimenting with different depth of field settings and wheather we wanted a frozen image, or something with a blur to give movement. I found practicing myself helped a lot as I could learn for myself.
We then moved onto developing and this was the tricky bit. Because it would all have to be in the dark we practiced for a period of time with the film to familurise rose ourselves. The developing involved (all in the dark) taking the film out the camera; cutting the end off the film;rolling this into the film holder;placing this into the light sealed box, and leaving to develop with our teacher
I really enjoyed this experience and can’t wait for the next lesson so we are able to see our developed film!


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