I have narrowed down some of my ideas to 3.

  1. To replace an innocent face with something that people normally fear. For example a baby but having a scary mask covering it’s face . Or to have a a puppy with a wolves face. I like the concept of the two contrasts
  2. To remove newly built buildings from a city landscape. I’ve always hated how old sentimental buildings or houses are knocked down to replace a block of flats or chain stores such as tesco or sainsbusry . It’s what I would call landscape pollution as these tall ugly buildings are cropping the beautiful landscapes of my area.
  3. Finally I’ve looked into in some way damaging a photo of a building or house that may not be there anymore because of a fire or because it had been knocked down. For example if a house experienced a fire at some point I would tar a picture of that house and burn yo corners to represent it’s past.

I feel strongly to continue this project with my second idea of cutting images of buildings out from a scenery . I will do experiments to see how this idea may come out, and if proven successful. I wil take further to potentially become my final idea.


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