This is a test shoot i made to experiment with what kind of questions i would ask in this interview setting to understand what kind of response i would get from each question and what kind of vibe the video would portray. These questions have to be formed very carefully as the answers will be manipulated. They will be changed to  being answer from different questions. For example, the first question i ask will be ‘what do you to in your day to day lifestyle’,  but he will be answering the question, ‘ what do you dream about’  creating a false and confusing prospect. This is exactly what im looking for.
Inspired by John smiths work (the Girl chewing gum) and the idea of being able to predict what happens in the future I formed a series of  simple questions and gave a structor of what answers i wanted to be produced. The experiment didn’t go as well as i had planned as the answers he gave me were too short and unimaginative. The feedback i got from this video reflected my feeling.

I was then encouraged to have a more formal layout (background) and experiment with a different variety of questions. I felt the video gave a sought of counselling /phycologist interview feel, and this is what i want to study next. By taking this idea mixed with John smiths prediction work, i think it will give a very interesting feel.






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