I’ve started to come closer to what my final idea could be for this project. i’m very interested in doing something about the human body.  I wanted to do some experiments of things i am interested in such as the human body, human emotions and how we use our facial expressions and body language to communicate with one.

These are just some of the experiments i did .


 For this video, i gathered a few viral videos on the internet for my friend to watch. These videos  were a variety of  gender  from  sad videos to scary, happy to disturbing. While my friend watched these his face expression varied from following to smiling, laughing and surprised. when shooting i did very close angles to replicate how us humans look at each other

I then showed these experiment in class and got some critical feedback. My tutor liked my videos but felt there was room for improvement. I agree as i don’t feel its my strongest work. I mentioned another idea i had briefly thought about and this idea was encouraged as my tutor found it more different and ‘outside the box.

As mentioned in my last blog, I want to conduct an interview while using the same technique john smith did with his ‘girl chewing gum project’  . i want to ask questions  to a range of people like an interview and have the answers edited so the questions i ask have a different answer to what that person said.  This is creating a false sense of trust, where the viewer may feel confused.

This is something i am deeply interested in and will definitely do some more investigation to artists who have done similar artwork.



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