I have narrowed down my ideas to one. My idea is about  showing a housewife/domestic role and bassically what a housewive gets up to. I will show how housewives restrict themselves to specific tasks in the house and become a type of prisoner in their own home. These images were just to see what the lighting and envrioment would look like if i chose to portray this idea in this way.

I chose the kitchen to do my photo shoot, to show how one can be so trapped in such a homely environment.





I found these images to be a successful experiment. The first image is the best quality and overall display, this is mainly because im not doing anything at all in this, and does look as if i’m standing there helpless and lost. I then moved on to experiment with lighting, taking many images in the same place same time of day.



I found these images to have worked well, and will take this forward and do a proper shoot with my camera, and not my phone.



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