We have just been given our second briefing called the voice. This is about presenting a video that can be anything as long as it contains some type of speech or someone talking during the video. We were shown a lot of videos in class such as hitlers speech. We discussed how the power in his voice and overal presentation  of his speech gave a powerful sense of passion, which lead on to him having so many followers. We then looked at one of  scarlets speeches, which showed a much calmer presentation, which gave people the impression he cared about the people he was taking to.

Moving onto the more art side and looking at artist like John Smith which I found extremely interesting. His “Girl chewing gum” work is what we were shown in class, I was amazed at the simplicity of the video but yet showing a lot of creativity.

  1. John smiths work inspired me imidiamtly and gave a rough starting point. One idea is very similar to his idea of talking over a video he previously filmed which made it look as if he was directing the whole thing. I want to do something similar but with an interview. For example I wouldn’t be asking complicated questions and when playing it back I would talk over it and say what they are about to say to make it seem I’m predicting everything they are saying. Or even ask them a basic question for example what color are your eyes and they say blue, i would then re record over it and change the question but leave their answer as it is.
  2. Another idea that occurred to me through john smiths work is to conduct an act that will give the illusion i am predicting their actions. Different to the one above, i wanted to be able to predict things that normally would be free will to someone for example, predicting that person will yawn or laugh or sneeze.
  3. Finally an idea that occurred to me, inspired by the work of marina Abramovic, I wanted to do something similar to her work that we were showed in class. I was thinking to have a close up of someones face, and to film their reactions to watching something for example a film or clips. I would be concentrating on their facial expressions, looking at what we look for in someones face when they are sad, happy or angry.

I look forward to experimenting with maybe 1 or two of these ideas and hopefully taking it further to be developed.


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