This is our first unit of the year. This project is very braud, allowing us to be more flexible with our ideas this year.

This unit includes making a series of images either from a video we created, or still images of what would look like is cut from a film. As there is nothing else narrowing this project down I immediately found it hard coming up with an idea. Because of this I knew I would have to do a lot of research of artists to begin to understand what type of theme I’m looking for to create me video and still images

I will begin by lookin at the artists work that interest me and then move onto what I can develop from that. In order for me to have something to go from I will need to do some research about performance portraits. I started to have an idea forming of something to do with a housewife.
But what is a performance portrait? Its a performance presented in a fine art context. it can be scripted and performed, or random but carefully directed. After being shown some previous artists work of performance portraits, we were asked to look for some artists ourselves. I think this will help me look for some inspiration for an idea.


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